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What is Robotics?

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Official Definition: Robotics is an interdisciplinary branch of computer science and engineering. Robotics involves design, construction, operation, and use of robots. The goal of robotics is to design machines that can help and assist humans.

When it comes to robotics, no one size fits all. There are a variety of different types of forms that robots can come in. A robot can look like a human, it can be an industrial machine or it can come as a software or application. Generally speaking, if a TASK is repetitive and can be automated, then robotics is a good solution. To see an example of a great robot that you could build, check out our guide on How to Build a Robotic Arm From Scratch.

How Does Robotics Work?

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When it comes to robotics, most people tend to view robots based on things that they’ve seen on film. Movies typically tend to portray robots as either fully autonomous AI-driven humanoid robots or giant fighting robots (as can be seen in the movie franchises “Transformers” or “Pacific Rim”).

The thing about it however, is that we’re still very much far from seeing any of these giant robots freely walking amongst us. Heck, even multi-billion dollar corporations like Tesla, Google, Amazon and Boston Dynamics (although Boston Dynamics is not a billion-dollar corporation per-se) still don’t have a working model available. In fact, even when they do come up with a good working prototype, there are still so many things that need to happen throughout our society for us to see a futuristic world of robots as can be seen in movies like iRobot (2004). This can all still be at least decades away.

With that said however, the amount of innovation and money that is currently being poured into the robotics field is astounding. Never has this much money been spent on robotics development before. The goal of our site is to educate you on whats currently happening in the robotics space, and to allow you to learn all about robotics and other technologies associated with it.

Robotics Applications

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Industrial robots and a wide variety of other robots are utilized nowadays to carry out monotonous tasks.
They could appear as standard humanoid robots, robotic exoskeletons, or robotic arms. Manufacturers and warehouses, including those owned by Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and others, use industrial robots and robot arms.

What Comprises a Robot?

A robot or robotic system’s actions are guided by a combination of computer programming and algorithms, a remotely controlled manipulator, actuators, control systems — action, processing, and perception — real-time sensors, and an element of automation. More about robotics as a whole here: Where to Begin With Robotics.

Another important aspect of robotics is repeatability. Check out the following article that explains why: What is Repeatability in Robotics!

The Artificial Intelligence Age!

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Another key component of robotics is Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short. The simplest definition of artificial intelligence is that AI is a machine based intelligence (as opposed to natural human or animal based intelligence). What artificial intelligence allows us to do is to have a machine based hardware system (or software) start making decisions on its own. We of course need to be very careful with this all by encoding a set number of rules into the AI system. a machine based intelligence is becoming more and more important in the robotics world as our machines become more autonomous. More about AI here: The Complete Guide to Artificial Intelligence.

3D Printing

When it comes to the robotics manufacturing field, humanity has truly made some strides in the recent history. One thing in particular that stands out is the idea of 3D printing. What 3D printing allows us to do, is to create a physical item out of a three-dimensional digital model, usually by applying successively many thin layers of a material. Using 3D printing to build robots can improve technology and also make robots in general better, smarter, more useful and more agile. 3D printing enables engineers and thought leaders in the robotics world to enhance their products, to grow innovation and to ultimately drive the robotics revolution that is now taking humanity by storm. Check out our guide on 3D printer here: Introduction to 3D Printing – A Complete Guide.

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