The Full Guide to Edge Computing

Cloud and AI services that automate and speed up innovation through insights are no longer sufficient due to the huge amount of data and gadgets that are connected to the internet. The infrastructure and network are no longer able to handle the data’s previously unheard-of complexity and scale.Latency and bandwidth problems will result from just … Read more

The Total Introductory Guide to Deep Learning

Deep learning teaches computers to learn by doing, just like people do. It is the driving force behind innovations like self-driving automobiles, enabling them to identify pedestrians from other roadside items.Computer models can learn to categorize tasks with a high degree of accuracy straight from sound, text, or graphics. A sizable collection of labeled data … Read more

Introduction to Machine Learning Technology

Machine learning, a subfield of artificial intelligence and computer science, mimics how people learn using algorithms and data to increase accuracy. It’s a crucial part of data science since algorithms are trained using statistical techniques to generate predictions or categorize data, assisting in the discovery of important insights.Decision-making in firms is based on these crucial … Read more

The Complete Guide to Artificial Intelligence

AI facilitates the creation of intelligent machines that are capable of carrying out a variety of tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence. Can computers think? was a famous question raised by Alan Turing that sparked decades of discussion on consciousness. The area of computer science known as artificial intelligence (AI) seeks to unequivocally respond … Read more

Robotics & AI – The Future is Now - Robotics & AI - The Future is Now

‚ÄčAs Robotics, AI and other advanced technologies interweave into our everyday lives, having a sound grasp on skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving are starting to gain in importance. The world’s leading minds are rapidly recognizing that these technologies are most effective when they complement humans, not replace them.If you would like to … Read more

About Awe Robotics

Awe Robotics is a global robotics & artificial intelligence company with a focus on providing the public with information and the knowhow about everything encompassing the world of Robotics and AI. Learn about the role that robotics and AI play in the automotive, electronics, metal & plastic, consumer goods, e-commerce/retail, space exploration, defense and healthcare … Read more